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Khali Salam Dua Song Translation From Shortcut Romeo

Song Name : Khali Salam Dua
Album/Film : Shortcut Romeo
Singer(s) : Mohit Chauhan
Music : Himesh Reshammiya

Tumse mil ke maine jaana
Ishq kya mohabbat kya

After meeting you i realized
what is love

Bhool baitha sab kuchh main to
Din kya, raat kya.. chaahat mein..

I sat forgetting everything
what day , morning in desires

Khali salam dua mulakat mein
Empty Wishes , Prayers

Yeh tune kya kiya..
Dooba main dil ki jannat mein

What you did
I drowned in heaven of heart

Jo khaalipan tha
Jo soona man tha

That emptiness prevailed
That sleepiness prevailed

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